23 June 2012

Keep moving


Day 23: Movement
We spent the day moving non-stop. Jumping out of bed and heading out the door early for a drive to the coast to take a muddy, wet, and beautiful woodland tour through a sustainably managed forest.

My hubby is a builder and a board member for a non-profit called The Build Local Alliance. They do annual forest tours which end up being pretty fun days spent learning and hiking around - oh and eating really yummy food!! This year they added the Iron Builders Challenge. Two teams competed. They each had just under an hour to build something you could sit on out of 4 8' 2x6s using only hand tools. Of course the bug was very excited to get right in and be helpful and our Arteest friend did a lovely freehand drawing of a wood nymphe to complete the chair. Very fun!! Prizes consisted of Oregon strawberries and local wine.

iron builders


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