13 August 2010

her courage


i knew that my reaction would set the pace for her. i remained calm and helped her back up. she wiped the water from her face, sat down and kept playing. i could use some of her courage...

08 August 2010

full of song


he woke up full of song this morning. it didn't matter that it was all off key. his joy was contagious...

06 August 2010



my creativity feels wrinkled and out of focus lately. I can't seem to bring it to life the way it exists in my head...

05 August 2010

time keeps ticking


i blinked and she is 9 months old... it feels like i was just holding her for the first time - i'm afraid to blink again.

03 August 2010

a final bounty


as summer feels like it is racing to an end the fruits of his labor are set to abound giving us one final taste. it has been a trying season...

02 August 2010

this bliss


the baby is asleep. papa is hanging out with the guys. mama has a date with a perfectly ripe peach over frozen yogurt and some mad men. bliss!

01 August 2010



a few hours spent thinking about their homelessness as i peel, boil, chop, slice, dice, mix. a labor of love. just one meal, but for today it will be enough.
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