28 May 2012

just keeping up!

I'm tired these days and life has been busy - I'm takin' the pics and takin' my time posting them...

Day 25: Unusual

What you don't vacuum your soccer ball soup?? She's a creative chef for sure!

Day 26: 12 o'clock

This is actually noon on the 28th, but whatever... Helping grandma fill our raised bed using the monkey barrel (aka wheelbarrow).

Day 27: Something sweet

I made a red white and blue shortcake for our home group in honor of Memorial Day weekend... Super yummy!!

Day 28: The weather today

Some sun, some clouds. Some blue sky, some grey. At least it didn't rain!

24 May 2012

I'm still here...

Sorry for disappearing once again - here's yet another catch-up post!

Day 21: Where you stand
Inside in flip flops looking out at the rain... Where did our sunshine go??


Day 22: Pink
Flipping through yet another cookbook... I love her books - they are so beautiful, the recipes are yummy and healthy and her stories are wonderful.


Day 23: Technology
So good to see you again old friend. I have been looking forward to the new season of Dance starting since the last season ended!


Day 24: Something new
We received a lovely package in the mail today! Silly girl...


21 May 2012

pillow party


Day 20: Something you can't live without
My morning snuggle time, pillow chatter and tickle fights with this little bug are a necessity for me...

19 May 2012

Country roads, take me home...


Day 19: A favorite place
Ah the country on a sunny spring day... Love it! Happy little bug, hungry horses, dogs running free, surrounded by green fields and rolling hills everywhere I look. Reminds me of childhood and I love it!

18 May 2012

garden angels


Day 18: Something you your father-in-law made
My in-laws have been our resident garden angels since we bought this house... Pulling out blackberries, half dead rhododendrons, piles of weeds, mowing our lawn on a regular basis and arriving one day with the supplies to build this raised bed. It's all ready for some dirt and veggie starts - can't wait for some garden bounty in the coming months! Thanks for all your hard work and generosity - love you guys oodles!

Something's fishy

fish snack

Day 17: Snack
This is our snack just about every day - apple slices and pb - the fish plate makes it more exciting of course :)

Live-in baker wanted


Day 16: What you're reading
A stack of cookbooks from the library. Funny thing is I have just about ZERO interest in cooking right now! I would like someone to make me pretty much everything in the Joy the Baker cookbook right this minute though!

15 May 2012

je t'aime


Day 15: Love
mama + her favorite silly little bug = L O V E
She likes to give long kisses where she presses her lips to mine until she begins to giggle - such a sweet girl!

14 May 2012

and the green grass grows all around...


Day 14: Grass
We've been enjoying lots of outside time with all this sun! Picnics in the park, swimming in the backyard, and gazing at clouds have been our fave pastimes.

13 May 2012

best job in the world


Day 13: Mom
Walking down memory lane to see my mama with her mama back in the day. Love them both so much! Happy mom's day and thanks for taking on the job of raising me mom! 

12 May 2012

happiness is...


Day 12: Something that makes you happy
Finding happiness in sunshine, family and friends working together, popsicles on the front porch, the bug wrapped in a big towel after a swim in her pool and her expressive arms as she tells her grandma a story... So sweet!

11 May 2012

dare to dream


Day 11: Kitchen
Doing a little kitchen daydreaming... both indoor and out.

10 May 2012

calling me by name


Day 10: A favorite word
Mother or rather mama is the sweetest word to hear come from your little one's mouth. I love being a mama and a part of all that that small word captures... I hope to hold my little bugs heart long after she lets go and heads out into the world.

09 May 2012

snuggle, read, repeat...


Day 9: Something you do every day
We usually start our days around here with a big pile of books and some snuggle time...

08 May 2012

sweet scent of nature


Day 8: A smell you adore
I have always loved the smell of fresh lilacs. I used to cut huge bouquets and bring them inside when I was a kid so that the whole house smelled like a garden... can't wait to have lilac bushes of my own someday!

bringing the past home


Day 7: Someone who inspires you
What a treat to see this beautiful piece in my home... My grandfather built this. I never really got to know him - he passed away when I was very young. His creativity lives on in this piece and inspires me to continue to create and build with my own hands.

Dragging along...


Day 6: You
I am exhausted lately. Every afternoon consists of me trying to get my little bug to nap or at least have quiet time with me - mama needs to put her feet up and this little girl never stops!

05 May 2012



Day 5: Bird
We see this little fella many a Saturday morning in this amazing garden...

04 May 2012

Stick walk


Day 4: Fun!
Taking a stroll around the neighborhood collecting sticks with an old friend... We tried to soak up any sunshine we were provided between the rainstorms!

03 May 2012

into the earth


Day 3: Something you wore today
Rain, sunshine and earth on my shoes... A lovely spring afternoon.

peeking in


Day 2: Skyline
A little peek at the city skyline through the International Rose Test Garden...

Peaceful easy feeling...

Technology is not my friend lately - argh! Trying to keep up despite all these hiccups...


Day 1: Peace
There's something so peaceful to me about bringing your own garden inside - it reminds me of growing up on a farm and the amazing variety of colors and textures that surrounded our house... Love it!