27 January 2013

She's here...

and she's wonderful!

Our sweet little Adele Mae finally arrived at 2:11 am on January 18th. 9lbs 2 oz. and 21 inches long. A thick, soft head of dark brown hair and a calmness that is just lovely... 
She is named after two lovely and very important women in our lives. 
My mother in-law Patricia Adele and my grandmother Vera Mae.
Many more pictures to come!

sweet girl

A little of this...

window shopping

tea party

::A little window shopping at Target - love this line!::

::A lot of tea partying around here with the new set the bug got for Christmas::

Special days...







Sharing a few special days with my girl while it is still just the two of us... We took advantage of the free week at the Chinese gardens and a sunny yet brisk day. Such a lovely memory of time with her in the tea house and wandering around the gardens.

this day...


rainy days


hope springs


::Making me smile::

::How adorable is she!::

::Knitting for some chubby little one year old legs - better late than never friend::

::So hopeful and lovely::

::This little one just keeps on reassuring us with a strong heartbeat::

The busying



::My wonderful foot rubbing team - they have spoiled me!::

::A place to jump and play on a rainy day::

The waiting


something new

boat ride


::Ringing in the new year with a day full of art projects and homemade green slime::

::Preparing a place for grandparents to stay over and help with the kiddos::

::Taking boat rides with Tigger while out picking up last minute items for baby::

::Celebrating the life of one wonderful hubby and papa to my bug::

December round-up

Well, I made it through a year of the photo a day challenge - so fun to look back on! I won't be trying for a second year as life is a little extra hectic now, but you will still be seeing glimpses into our days around here...

december roundup

Very merry

Day 31: Self Portrait
Nothing like a cold grey winter day, a tripod and a self timer to get your family picture taken care of... This was the only shot I wasn't completely dissapointed in - would love more sunshine and a few other things to be changed, but here we are - as we are.


04 January 2013

f o u r

Day 30: Something that made you smile this year
Learning that we would soon be 4! Doesn't get much better than the blessing of a child!


It's a date!

Day 29: Hot
She has very little time left as an only child. I think she is feeling the coming change... Clinging tighter to mama, not wanting me to go anywhere without her, asking me to spend extra time with her. Such an interesting season of transition we are in - feeling both excited to meet our new family member, and a little sad to see our mama and bug days fading away. Change is good! Special hot drink dates help!



Come out come out!

Day 28: Cold
I've been taking advantage of the sunshine and dry weather. Trying to walk this baby out! Still waiting...


Beauty and promise

Day 27: How you relax
Taking in the sunshine, the brisk winter air, and the beauty and promise found in the cold of the outdoors...


Making messes

Day 26: Mess
This little corner of my laundry room is in an eternal state of mess, but you have no idea how happy it makes me to see the pile of stuff here changing every week! Our guestroom/office is finally filled with furniture instead of tools and storage and harwood flooring. I can handle this transitional mess for now.


"Cheeeeeese Gromit!"

Day 25: Lunchtime Dinnertime
So my mom created a beautiful Christmas lunch spread for us - so yummy! And... I totally forgot to take a single picture the entire afternoon. This is actually our new years eve dinner that I made. Just the three of us and our nephew. Yummy cheese fondue with plenty of things to dip into it!


Christmas prayers

Day 24: Tradition/something you always do
In 2010 I started a little family tradition for us. Every year when we go to put our stockings away after Christmas we write a little prayer for each person (and one for ourselves if we like). It has been really fun to read them a year later and see how they have been answered. This year my prayer for the bug is that she loves being a big sister as much as she thinks she will!


Winter adventures

Day 23: Joy is: adventuring with my two (almost three) favorite people
We went for a beautiful drive into the Coulmbia Gorge to take a peek at the rushing winter beauty of Multnomah Falls. So fun to get out of the city even for a short bit.

joy is

Let it snow!

Still here... Still waiting on baby :) We've had some computer issues so I am quite behind in my daily pics but ready to catch up! PS. Most of these pictures were taken on the correct day, but I had to fudge some of them that I missed - oops...

Day 22: Decoration
Don't you turn your refrigerator into a snowman come winter time?? The bug has enjoyed seeing her snowman friend every day - now if only it would snow a little so we could make one in 3D...

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