30 April 2012

April round-up

Another month done - not without it's computer hassles, but I made it through! Here is the round-up

april 2012

I'm ready to kick off another photo-a-day month with Fat Mum Slim


I'm baaack!

Well our sad Mac took a little trip to Texas to get a new logic board and now we are finally back in action - so come along for a little catch up trip...

day 15: sunset on one of the wonderfully warm spring days we've enjoyed between the weeks of rain


day 16: a little sunshine and flowers for the front door - still can't decide if I like it or not...


day 17: our sad mac that would not turn on and our entire hard drive backed-up on our external drive - comforting to know we didn't lose any info but sad to not be able to access any of it

don't like

day 18: showing off her first french braid while she drives the cart for us at New Seasons


day 19: papa and the bug doing some teamwork gardening - she is very excited to watch these grow...


day 20: despite my child like drawing skills we've been enjoying these secret paintings. I draw a picture on white paper with a white crayon and then the bug watercolors over it to reveal the image. So fun!


day 21: mmm! Thanks for the yummy bottle of wine mom - somehow cooking is more fun with good music and a nice glass of red.


day 22: oh domino it's good to see you again even if only for special issues. Looking forward to the next one in September


day 23: we enjoyed some yummy Sausage and White Bean Stew with Kale from this recipe and some homemade biscuits on one of the cold rainy nights...


day 24: feeling grateful for warm spring days, daisies, and being barefoot in the park...


day 25: soaking up a rare 80 degree spring day in Portland at the playground - the bug l - o - v - e - s going down and climbing up the slide!


day 26: this girl is suddenly hoop crazy! so fun to have a hoop in front of our house.


day 27: Friday night sushi date with my man - yummy!


day 28: party ready. my father-in-law finally retired and we celebrated with a Margaritaville party. I made Barefoot Contessa's coconut cupcakes and some key lime pie. mmmm...


day 29: a little sneak peek at a painting project happening somewhere close to my kitchen...


day 30: so sweet right?!? Makes me sad to see how quickly this little hand is growing up...


Hope it's been a wonderful month! Now to round up all my photos and get ready for May day! Yikes time flies!!

15 April 2012

at least for today


Day 14: How you feel today
... thankful
::for sunshine::
::for blowing bubbles::
::for coloring on the chalkboard::
::for the hands that come and mow our lawn and clear our garden beds::
::for the promise of growth that spring provides::
::for picnics in our yard::
::for laughter::

13 April 2012

Finders keepers


Day 13: Something you (we) found
I stumbled across this super fun idea the other day from here to help the bug learn her colors. The sun came out this morning so we set off on an adventure to the park down the street. It took her a bit to get what we were trying to do, but soon she was racing around calling out things of all colors and suggesting we add them to our board. So fun!

12 April 2012

Into the archive


Day 12: Stairs
We live in a one story home + The bug has a nasty cold + We were inside pretty much all day = I dug up a picture from the past for this post... The beautifully winding alleyways and staircases of Naxos, Greece. Oh to be there again in the sunshine surrounded by bougainvillea and blue and white and such amazingly friendly people!! Lovely!

11 April 2012

zoo venture

We took a sunny little journey to the Oregon Zoo this week before the rain once again descended upon us...


bloom copy


bloom2 copy


giraffe copy


bloom3 copy

Spring at the zoo was wonderful... Flowers in bloom, little bare feet running through the grass, plenty of spots for picnics, sweet animals to pet, learning about other cultures and some much needed sunshine!

morning start


Day 11: Where you ate breakfast
One of the many corners of our home still in need of some major remodeling - and I get to sit and look at it through every meal! Can't wait to take that wall out and open up this space!!

10 April 2012

brrr yum brrr


Day 10: Cold
The sunny mid 60's weather gave us the crazy notion of enjoying a little frozen yogurt treat. This is love folks!

09 April 2012

glorious youth...


Day 9: Younger you
Yes my daughter gets her need to make serious faces while being photographed from me... I see her looking very similar to this in a couple years. I was about 4  in this pic.

08 April 2012

the key to fun


Day 8: Inside your wallet
Inside my wallet lies the key to fun! Indoor park passes for rainy days, a gift certificate to a coffee shop/play space, a BOGO card for the local children's museum, an almost full punch card for a free haircut after 10 of them at Bishop's - where they serve you free PBR while you get your cut, and of course my Burgerville rewards card so I can earn some free food at our favorite faster food joint...


Just wanted to share a little Easter day photo journey with you...

::He is risen indeed! Enjoyed a wonderful time of worship and celebration at church this morning::

::Our front yard was "Peeped" in the night! The bug loved it::

::Searching for peeps::

::Easter basket goodness::

bunny cakes
::An egg hunt to find fruit toppings for her Bunny cakes. Does breakfast get any more fun::

::Enjoyed my tradition of making fresh challah bread. This is my fave recipe::

::The hubby is cutting out baked goods and sugary things so I bravely tried a new recipe for him from my Pinterest board. It was  a lot more work than I usually put into "dessert" but it was a hit::

::Egg hunters! She filled her basket so fast that she took to storing the eggs in her shirt... Silliest girl::

::Enjoying Spring in grandma and grandpa's garden::

::Keeping a close watch on her egg hunt booty while she indulges mama in a few pics::

Such a fun day! Hope yours was lovely as well!

07 April 2012

morning light


Day 7: Shadow
We enjoyed a sunny Saturday morning walk today! Looking forward to more of those for sure.

06 April 2012

food and sun


Day 6: Lunch
Enjoyed a yummy tuna sandwich using a killer recipe my mom shared with me while basking in the sunshine...

05 April 2012



Day 5: Tiny
Tiny little hand wearing a tiny little bracelet her auntie made her (so sweet) coloring with tiny little pip-squeak markers in her new and GIANT coloring book. Love!

04 April 2012

this guy


Day 4: Someone who makes you happy

This sweet guy - my movie date for the night... Even though he is actually studying and not really watching the movie! It makes me happy when he just sits with me...