30 April 2012

I'm baaack!

Well our sad Mac took a little trip to Texas to get a new logic board and now we are finally back in action - so come along for a little catch up trip...

day 15: sunset on one of the wonderfully warm spring days we've enjoyed between the weeks of rain


day 16: a little sunshine and flowers for the front door - still can't decide if I like it or not...


day 17: our sad mac that would not turn on and our entire hard drive backed-up on our external drive - comforting to know we didn't lose any info but sad to not be able to access any of it

don't like

day 18: showing off her first french braid while she drives the cart for us at New Seasons


day 19: papa and the bug doing some teamwork gardening - she is very excited to watch these grow...


day 20: despite my child like drawing skills we've been enjoying these secret paintings. I draw a picture on white paper with a white crayon and then the bug watercolors over it to reveal the image. So fun!


day 21: mmm! Thanks for the yummy bottle of wine mom - somehow cooking is more fun with good music and a nice glass of red.


day 22: oh domino it's good to see you again even if only for special issues. Looking forward to the next one in September


day 23: we enjoyed some yummy Sausage and White Bean Stew with Kale from this recipe and some homemade biscuits on one of the cold rainy nights...


day 24: feeling grateful for warm spring days, daisies, and being barefoot in the park...


day 25: soaking up a rare 80 degree spring day in Portland at the playground - the bug l - o - v - e - s going down and climbing up the slide!


day 26: this girl is suddenly hoop crazy! so fun to have a hoop in front of our house.


day 27: Friday night sushi date with my man - yummy!


day 28: party ready. my father-in-law finally retired and we celebrated with a Margaritaville party. I made Barefoot Contessa's coconut cupcakes and some key lime pie. mmmm...


day 29: a little sneak peek at a painting project happening somewhere close to my kitchen...


day 30: so sweet right?!? Makes me sad to see how quickly this little hand is growing up...


Hope it's been a wonderful month! Now to round up all my photos and get ready for May day! Yikes time flies!!


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