22 December 2012

Oh Tannenbaum...

Day 21: Tree
Bringing our live Charlie Brown tree inside for one more year... I'm amazed we haven't killed it yet!


Rain, rain, rain

Day 20: Weather
Just your typical Oregon Christmas... Would love to see some more flurries of snow around here.



Day 19: Something beginning with 's'
Starting the adventures of natural induction... Acupuncture is just one of the many things I am doing. Sitting in a cozy chair, in a warm room, listening to relaxing music and dozing off. Works for me! Hope  it brings some baby progress too.


Merry and bright

Day 18: Makes you feel merry
Seeing our stockings hanging up makes it feel like Christmas really is around the corner... Next year we'll need four - so fun!


Retelling her tales

Day 17: On the floor sofa
Love to see her snuggling up and reading books. Such a cozy view!

on the...

Stripes for bear

Day 16: Something you made
Happy to finally complete something - even something ever so small - for this little bear. I spent our babymoon weekend knitting this sweet little striped hat...



Day 15: Outdoors
Hubby and I went away on a little babymoon. A quiet cabin in the woods, a warm fire, good food, plenty of games and movies... Such a treat. And the softly falling snow completed it all. Huge, yep that's me - bundled however I can manage at this point. Feet too swollen to wear shoes so I'm rocking the socks and flip flops look! Belly too big to zip up a coat so I'm layering with big cozy sweaters and a warm scarf... It works despite the interesting look.


Green and glowing

Day 14: Something Green
Love this giant glass ornament - even though I never know quite how to display it...



Day 13: Lights
Such a sweet little "Merry Christmas!" that comes from her...


13 December 2012

Knit Knit Knit

Day 12: Hat
I finally realized that I wasn't going to be able to knit a baby banket right now - my hands are too swollen and sore to knit for long. So, I've decided to use my next couple of weeks working on a newborn hat.



Day 11: Sweet
Whipping up a little something sweet for the annual cookie exchange party the bug and I attend. Candy cane oreo truffles via this recipe.


Sneak peek...

Day 10: Under
Love seeing this little smiling face light up!


Dance away

Day 9: Out + about
Taking in some culture at the Kennedy school - watching Irish dancers and listening to an Irish band.

out and about

my love

Day 8: Someone you love
This man who helped me hang up the curtains rods in a couple of rooms. Because I just cannot wait any longer for painting to happen... Yes, we have for months had one curtain, one set of mini blends, and one uncovered window! Driving me nuts - now just to finish making the curtains and get them up.

someone you love

Sweet on you

Day 7: Stars
Baking up something sweet for a few of our neighbors. So hard to bake and not sample, but so worth seeing the bug delight in the doing!



Day 6: From where you live/your country
We've so loved having a nice neighborhood park close by since the bug was born. It really makes all the difference in how comforting a community layout feels... As of late she has thoroughly enjoyed treating her dolls as if they were her siblings. She's SO ready to be a big sister!

from where you live

12 December 2012

Of marionettes and snowflakes

Day 5: Looking up
We enjoyed this amazing free puppet show at our local library the other day. The true story of the snowflake man... What an amazingly creative treat! If you live in the Portland area you should by all means find a spot to see this. Go here to see a list of upcoming shows.

looking up


Day 4: black + white
Enjoying the beautiful storminess of the season mixed with sunshine and breaks in the rain so we can venture to the park...

black and white

Lead me

Day 3: Something you held
I just love holding those little hands more than anything! So sweet...

something you held

02 December 2012


Day 2: Peace
She wasn't really sleeping - just pretending to snuggle her puppy and nap... Even though it was only for a few minutes it felt so wonderfully peaceful! Tucked away from the pouring rain, cozy in our warm house, listening to her fake snoring and quiet giggles.


01 December 2012

Jingle all the way...

Day 1: 8 o'clock
Staying up late for a special night. We spent the evening celebrating my step-dad's birthday at one of our favorite Italian restaurants (we've been going here for family dinners and celebrations since I was 6!) Nonna Emilia's. The bug enjoyed helping the accordion player out with a little jingle bells. So fun to get the family together - just like old times!

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