31 August 2012

August round-up

Another month done! I'm so excited we are getting closer and closer to fall... I'm ready!


I'm also ready to jump into another month of prompts from Fat Mum Slim. Here is the list for September...


I'm hoping beyond hope and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I can post some before and after pictures of the house this month - I feel like we are on the threshold of a lot of progress... Eek! Stay tuned.

Hidden treasures

Day 31: Hidden
We have been finding lots of fun treasures on our walks to the park. A nice collection for counting and sorting...


30 August 2012

It's a boy!

Day 30: Card
Having fun creating some invites for a baby shower I'm helping throw for my cousin... Looking forward to meeting her little boy in a couple months!


29 August 2012

Goodbye Blue...

Day 29: Down
Goodbye Subaru. It's been real. I know we had our differences and I never favored you and your crazy blueness like the hubby did, but I sure appreciate how you got us around town, out of town, and around the country. We brought our little bug home from the hospital in you and I will cherish that day forever. Hope you enjoy your makeover and a few more good years!


Time after time...

Day 28: Clock
It's just around the corner - our 6 year anniversary. I hinted to the hubby that I would love it if he made the wood background for this clock for me to paint... Modern 6 year gift is wood. Not that he has any spare time to do this! But oh I love the sound of a ticking clock in a quiet room...


Tap it out

Day 27: Tap
We're studying music this week... Hot glue, a few pennies, a pair of shoes and a very eager student = some super cute tap dancing! What could be more fun than dancing and making music with your own feet??


27 August 2012

A place for dreams...

Day 26: Dream
One more month people! The hubby has asked me to wait until October to redo the bugs room and make space for baby - chomping at the bit here!! Until then I can dream up a fun space for my little ones to share... The gender of our newest addition is going to be a surprise, otherwise I would be doing a totally girly sister room! I think my hubby is happy it will remain a little more neutral.

Starting with inspiration...

Grey room


shared room


And some fun ideas to spruce up the space...

Shared room

Shared room 2
(Fauxdermy/Nightstand/Bed/Chandelier/Fabric waiting to be sewn into curtains)

So the plan at this point is pale grey walls, white trim woodwork, pale teal yellow and white accents, blue and white Ikat print curtains, white wood twin bed and crib, white shag rug, painted dresser (white or fun design), book bin, DIY artwork, DIY Chandelier, and some fauxdermy for the wall. I think it's going to be a super cute room - so come on October! I'm ready.

26 August 2012

Curb appeal

I've been trying to do a small amount of work to make our front yard look a little more inviting since we pulled out the dying rhododendrons... Ahhh, there's nothing like a nice before and after to help you enjoy your hard work!

Curb appeal 1

Curb appeal 2

Everything will fill in eventually and we will add more at some point, but for now it is so much nicer than the bed of weeds!!

Peach perfection

Day 25: Fresh
My folks brought us a bunch of farm fresh peaches so I had to get busy and make some yummy things to savor the flavor... The result was a few jars of peach freezer jam and some highly yummy Peach Cobbler Muffins from Joy the Baker's new cookbook - everything in it sounds amazing and this recipe did not disappoint! Do yourself a favor and find a copy to peruse through - you won't be sorry.



Day 24: Path
Tree climbing, creek gazing, slow wandering, tunnel hiding, flower spotting, and although the view is getting increasingly obstructed I can still see my toes! And yes I am that crazy woman who hikes in flip flops while pregnant - even the thought of socks or any more shoe than that on my feet makes me sweat!!


23 August 2012

If you build it...

Day 22: Home
A home for a car - or let's face it, a home for all of hubby's tools and remodeling supplies! Things are coming along nicely. Saturday will be another major work day for him - a few more of those and things will be mostly done - yay!


What the??

Day 23: Pair
I stumbled across this crazy piece of history while antique shopping with a friend. It even included paper dolls of their kids in their underclothes. What? For only $10 it could be yours...


21 August 2012


We're starting in on farm animals this week, but here are some of the last couple of weeks of fun we've had...

Ocean week - we didn't do a whole lot at home, but had some fun at Vacation Bible School and finished the week with a trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium...

ocean week

Camping week - we learned all about camping gear, outdoor safety, and the animals you find in the forest. Super fun art projects this week!

camping week

kick kick

Day 21: Cool
Cheesy smiles and pool time seem to go hand in hand for this girl. I have never heard such giggling in all my life as when we placed this little munchkin in a huge pool all to herself and let her tread water and feel like she was swimming on her own - too funny! After a nice long swim she warmed her legs in the hot tub (aka. hot pool as she calls it)


Rough waters ahead...

Day 20: Today
Oh my goodness! Today has been a whopper in terms of defiance and toddler tantrums... We finally decided that a little water fountain/playground fun just might be the reset button we needed. It worked!


19 August 2012

Her cave

Day 19: Hole
One little snuggle bear decided to hole up in her closet with her blankets and pillows to sleep for the night. What a silly girl!



Day 18: Inside
We ended the hot summer day by hiding the gleaming sunshine that usually fills our bathroom, filling the tub with cool water and bubbles, and throwing in a little bug and a glow stick. Much fun ensued! Sorry for the poor quality pics...


17 August 2012

Facing the future

Day 17: Faces
I've reached the halfway mark - feeling good - hibernating inside our air conditioned house - loving those little bumps and kicks. Hubby and I are both feeling like it's a boy for some reason - all we know is that the surprise remains for all and the little one is healthy and growing strong!

5 months

Doesn't everyone snuggle up with their head on their feet for the coziest nap ever?? This little munchkin is flexible!


Grown with love

Day 16: Food
Garden bounty for dinner! Enjoyed a wonderful meal of BLT sandwiches and salad with friends while sharing our A/C... Lettuce and the first red ripe tomato from our garden = yummy!

aug food

15 August 2012


Day 15: Ready
Ready for another heat wave... Is it Fall yet? I'm so thankful for A/C, but mostly I'm longing for cool weather so I can nest, bake bread, make big pots of soup and drink big cups of tea. Soon enough it will come - for now we'll do our best to soak up the rest of summer.


14 August 2012

Straight through my heart...

Day 14: Arrow
Love these two sooo much! They have captured my heart in a big way.


Simply amazing

Day 13: Simple
I could watch these beauties swim forever... Such an amazing ocean creature!



And a few more pics to finish off our aquarium adventure... We enjoyed watching the Sea Otters and the Sharks eat their lunch, the bug and papa loved looking through the glass floor at the creatures swimming all around us, and there were plenty of things to teach and entertain her.

Look out Pike Place!

Day 12: Spoon Monger
There's a new fisher woman and fish monger in town and she'll make you a great deal... Whole lobsters where going for $2!


Star of the show

Day 11: Purple
The many colors of the ocean never cease to amaze me...


Ring o' teeth

Day 10: Ring
Shark attack ahead - what a silly girl!


sticky gooey yummy

Day 9: Messy
I've never heard so much giggling in all my life or seen a little person more excited about tents being pitched, sleeping bags rolled out, hot dogs grilled, campfires made and her first s'more consumed!


Sunshine days

Day 8: Glasses
We ventured out for a little calm river kayaking... So beautiful - I love just drifting along on the water that way watching the birds sail above the water. The bug was almost lulled to sleep by the ocean breeze and the gently rocking boat.


07 August 2012

Bug week concluded...

So far homeschool pre-school has been a blast. I'm learning how to ease her into a longer attention span, make every part of it fun, encourage her when she feels challenged... We are both learning a lot! She loves the art projects most of all - super fun to find ideas and see her bring them to life. I have created a temporary space for us to do our school until we can remodel our third bedroom into a more permanent space - soon!

Bug week

Good mornings

Day 7: 8 o'clock
We started off our morning snuggled up on the sofa reading some fun new library books... A shortened version of Little House on the Prairie was our favorite. Can't wait to read the chapter books together when the bug gets a little older!

8 o'clock

Make a note

Day 6: Writing
Maybe it's overkill, but I have been reading a slew of parenting books lately... Taking the time to sip a cup of tea and write down my thoughts while I read has made it an enjoyable experience.


05 August 2012

Splashin' around

Day 5: Logo Splash
Everyone needs their very own Auntie KK - she's more fun than anything when it comes to pool time!


Rest required

Day 4: Where you sat
After a long day of baking I took a couple of hours to kick up my feet and work on some knitting in our air conditioned house... Delightful! Almost done with my project too.


Penny wishin'

Day 3: Coin
The bug's favorite part of tagging along to my midwife appointments (aside from hearing the heartbeat) is the fabulous garden patio with water fountain. I don't mind the view myself...



02 August 2012


Day 2: One
One little butterfly lacing card has brought so much concentration and joy to our home today...


01 August 2012

Go outside...

Day 1: Outside
We are studying bugs this week. What better place to learn than on a nature hike... And with sweet friends joining us it makes for a lovely day!