30 September 2012

September round-up

Another month captured, I'm very ready to enter into my favorite season!!

September roundup

I'm following prompts from Fat Mum Slim once again and hoping for a wonderful October...


{ 7 }

Day 30: You, then
I'm coming up on 7 months pregnant here in a couple of weeks. It's been fun to look back at life 7 months into my pregnancy with the bug...


29 September 2012

Dress up

Day 29: Errand
Spent the day helping my sis-in-law search for the perfect wedding dress for her May wedding with the rest of the bridesmaids and her mom. Super fun day, we found some beautiful dresses and one dream dress in particular, and of course we had to make a little stop off to look for some bridesmaids dresses. This place was hysterical! If you're ever looking for super frilly, fluffy, sequined wonders to wear to your parties this is the place - pageant/prom heaven indeed!


28 September 2012

A spot of tea...

Day 28: A good thing
The bug and I enjoyed a little halloween tea party (or warm milk party as she more accurately titled it) with slices of our fresh from the oven banana bread. Yummy snacks and sweet time giggling and speaking in British accents with my girl! Oh and if you look closely you will notice that she is photographing the moment for blog purposes with her fake camera just like mama :)


27 September 2012


Day 27: Love/Hate
It is a blessing and a curse to have a friendly, kid loving grandma type living across the street from us. She delights in our little bug and is so sweet with her. And... she brings over BAGS of books, craft supplies, paper plates and napkins, half broken toys, and this latest treasure of Halloween decorations from the Dollar store. Her heart has the best of intentions! She has a basement full of this stuff from years ago... Help!


Full of joy

Day 26: Near
This little one is so near to my heart... I just look at her glowing beauty and joy sometimes and feel amazed that I get to be her mama!



Day 25: Frame
Starting to decorate around here... It's fun to be entering into the holiday season with a little bug who is very excited about it all this year!


24 September 2012


Day 24: 3 things
Used up the last of my gift card for a little Fall treat on the way home from an early morning midwife appointment and errands... Thanks mom!!


Got three loads of laundry done today! She unfolds them as fast as I fold them - says she wants to do it herself - that usually means I have to fold each load at least two times... Ugh! Mommy's little helper.


Ending the evening catching up on the latest episode of Parenthood. Love this show sooo much! And of course folding the last load of laundry all by myself.


23 September 2012

Showered with love

Day 23: Before bedtime
Before bedtime is when I usually remember to take a few moments to blog... Yesterday I threw a fun shower for my cousin and her little boy on the way. It was exhausting, but fun to put together yummy food and fun little touches.

I created these fun invites to go with our stroller theme.

Fun straws with baby boy flags and lovely white Dahlias from my garden...

We pooled together and got some snazzy new wheels for the boy. There were some adorable outfits as well that I hope the beautiful mama will enjoy cozying her little boy into.

Yummy yummy food! Cucumber cups stuffed with Boursin cheese and topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, Waldorf salad served in butter lettuce cups, and these super tasty turkey dijon asparagus crescent rolls...

And of course we had to have some dessert. Banana pudding cupcakes and chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Yum!

This cute little clothesline of onesies provided a place to leave little notes for the baby...

A basket of diapers and pens to leave a note of encouragement for the parents during those many diaper changes! And finally everyone left with a huge homemade Mrs. Fields cookie in a cute treat bag. Such a fun afternoon.

S t r e t c h

Day 22: Up
Just a little family work out :)


21 September 2012

Beautiful soul...

Day 21: Sometimes
Her smile takes my breath away! Who is this wonderful girl we are so blessed to love and raise??



Day 20: Man made
Hoping my hands will be able to keep up with me. I am at the beginning of what I hope will be a productive knitting season...

man made

Little bear

Day 19: Underneath
Little bear is kicking up a storm and growing like crazy! Can't really believe this little person will be in my arms in just a few short months...

6 months

Sole gifting

Day 18: Price
Nana treated the bug to some stylin' new boots for the changing season. Gifted is a wonderful price!


Food for thought

Day 17: In my fridge
Sweet friends brought us Thai food for dinner last minute... Soo yummy and so nice to be loved on and laugh with them!


16 September 2012

A new Sunday normal...

Day 16: Strange
It's a site to see... The hubby icing various parts of his body after his first game of flag football since he joined the league, and the bug sitting still and reading a book to him while he rests.


15 September 2012


Day 15: First thing you see
Not exactly the first thing I saw today, but the first thing of note... She put on this special outfit (including wrist band) in order to learn how to play soccer with Papa this morning! I couldn't get over the cuteness of her holding her leg to help herself kick, and putting her arms way out like an airplane once she learned to let go of her leg... So sweet!

first thing

Enjoying nature

Day 14: Favourite
We always take the same path to the park and it never fails that the bug wants to stop at this one house in particular... Fun stumps to climb up on and say Tada! and wonderful hidden caves inside this tree make for an adventurous walk.


Acorn glow

Day 13: Table
I'm trying really hard to bring on the Fall! The weather is not cooperating, but oh well.


Snuggle bug

Day 12: Together
After a year long hiatus from regular naps, the bug has suddenly decided that she likes to snuggle up with her tired mama and sleep in the afternoon... Heaven!


11 September 2012

Of heros and honor...

Day 11: Hero
This is an old picture from June, but we saw the same sight as we came home this afternoon. Our sweet neighbor with MS who has lost the use of her legs lives alone. She falls frequently and these heros come and scoop her back up into her chair... Reminds me that even the least dangerous of tasks for these men and women should be honored.


10 September 2012

My view

Day 10: Black + White
I can still see them peeking out... Enjoyed a lovely walk on Cannon beach with the ladies!

black and white

Breakfast love...

Day 9: Something you do most weekends
I love to make a big breakfast at least one day out of the weekend. A little something special... This particular weekend I was helping my sister-in-law and cousin put on a relaxing retreat for the ladies of our family so I made this Peach French Toast Bake, bacon and freshly squeezed fruit juice. So yummy and such a fun weekend away!

most weekends

Autumn scent

Day 8: At night
Enjoying the soft glow of yummy Fall scented candles and cozying up inside while we have a brief cool spell... Love the arrival of this season!

at night

07 September 2012

Fierce nature

Day 7: Natural
We are part of a relatively young church community. Hard times are certainly lived in together, but many of our major life events are happy ones {marriage, babies, graduation}. That has shifted greatly for us in these past two weeks...

Death is such a natural part of living, we all know that at some point in time our bodies will simply not be able to go on. However, it doesn't feel as if there is anything natural to the deaths we have experienced in these past two weeks. The pain and loss is greatly felt.

A 34 year old husband and father of two came to the end of his battle against cancer.

A beautiful and gentle 4 year old girl met with a tragic accident.

These families will never be the same... Our community will never be the same...

How can it seem at all natural for any of these shoes to be left unfilled. My heart is breaking for these losses and I am holding tight to the ones I love.


06 September 2012

Joy Dare

Day 6: Every day
I'm trying to be intentional about taking time every day to read back over my notes from this wonderful book and follow her monthly Joy Dare. Feels like putting myself in a place of gratitude gets me on the right foot for the day.

every day

You can find her September list for the Joy Dare here.


Day 5: Bright
Our bathroom is flooded with beautifully blinding bright sunshine every evening. I so love living in a house filled with light after many years of dark apartments...


You say banana

Day 4: In my mailbox/postbox In my oven
Yummy moist goodness baking up around here!  And someone can't wait for it to be done...


Here's the recipe if you want to give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed...


Recipe adapted from this one : Super Moist Banana Bread
Recipe card created using this awesome and free tool! Recipe Card Maker by Skip To My Lou

And this little bug was on some pretty serious oven watch.




Day 3: Far away
I can see it coming. Autumn is almost here! Don't be fooled by the hot sunny summer days... The trees can't hide the truth. Can't wait for the most lovely season of all!



02 September 2012


Day 2: Father
Love these two together and can't wait to see him with two kiddos!
"Fathers, be good to your daughters. Daughters will love like you do..." John Mayer


01 September 2012


Day 1: You, now
Sitting in a streak of sunshine coming through the door with the cool breeze, knitting ankle bell cuffs for the bug so she can dance and make music, loving feeling the kicks of this little one...

you now