21 September 2012

Little bear

Day 19: Underneath
Little bear is kicking up a storm and growing like crazy! Can't really believe this little person will be in my arms in just a few short months...

6 months


Annemarie said...

Want to know what's SO funny? We have always called Maya (our oldest) our Bug and about a year ago (before we were even matched), we started referring to Matthew as "little Bear." So we have a Bug and a Bear at our house (and our middle peanut, Sam, we call Bubs!).

I love that you have a Bug and a Bear at your house too!

By the way, do you know the serives of books by David McPhail entitled "A Bug, A Bear, and a Boy"? You should check them out!

Sarah said...

So fun! I just keep thinking this is a little boy and have started calling him my little bear... I'll have to check those books out! Hope your family is loving life :)