07 September 2012

Fierce nature

Day 7: Natural
We are part of a relatively young church community. Hard times are certainly lived in together, but many of our major life events are happy ones {marriage, babies, graduation}. That has shifted greatly for us in these past two weeks...

Death is such a natural part of living, we all know that at some point in time our bodies will simply not be able to go on. However, it doesn't feel as if there is anything natural to the deaths we have experienced in these past two weeks. The pain and loss is greatly felt.

A 34 year old husband and father of two came to the end of his battle against cancer.

A beautiful and gentle 4 year old girl met with a tragic accident.

These families will never be the same... Our community will never be the same...

How can it seem at all natural for any of these shoes to be left unfilled. My heart is breaking for these losses and I am holding tight to the ones I love.