28 October 2012

Lookin' good

Day 28: Looking back
So fun to take a peek at all of the bug's past Halloween getups!

10 days old = The sleepiest owl baby you've ever seen
1 yr old = One banana hungry little sock monkey
2 yrs old = A sweet little spooky ghost
3 yrs old = Princess bunny and her crazy bunny King

looking back

Boo creations

Day 27: Morning
We spent a lazy Saturday decorating pumpkins and playing around the house - such a nice break from our usually rushed schedule... Her pumpkin ended up with fuzzy hair and three eyes!


26 October 2012

A swell Fall

Day 26: Listening to
The rainy Fall weather has me listening to more mellow music and soaking in the calm coziness of this season. My Swell Season Pandora station has been getting a lot of play and some lovely gems from this album have been popping up now and again...

listening to


Day 25: People
It's not every day that a friend flies into town from Brussels bringing you an amazing box of chocolates... It's not every day that I have gestational diabetes and can't really enjoy said box of amazingness. The one I savored was crazy good! Thanks Trung!!


Rainy days

Day 24: Weather
Ah some good Portland rain and grey! That's the Fall I'm used to... It's been lovely to have sunny crisp days mixed in with the dreariness. This was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.


Lost in the fog

Day 23: The view from here
I've loved watching the changing of the seasons from up on this hillside. The hospital where this little bear is going to be born and where all of my midwife appointments are rests high up on the hillside overlooking Portland - such incredible views!

view from here

view 2

Keeping Portland weird...

Day 22: In your town
We have our weekly mom's group at this little kid friendly cafe every once in a while and the bug always enjoys listening to Olive and Dingo read stories, sing songs, be completely goofy and make everyone a balloon animal.

in your town

23 October 2012


Day 21: Calm
After a day of partying the three of us enjoyed a day of calm. We spent the afternoon playing with our girl on her actual birthday. Lazy morning, yummy lunch, watching Sunday football, walking to the playground during a break in the rain and a nice evening with our homegroup from church.


22 October 2012

Party time

Day 20: 4 o'clock
We spent our Saturday preparing to celebrate and celebrating our sweet Bug. Can't believe it's been three years of snuggles and love and laughter with this precious girl...

She got a little help from grandpa when it came to blowing out the candles.


The invites and party decorations were inspired by this pin on Pinterest. So fun! I made this Old Fashioned Banana Cake - super yummy!! We just did snacks and fun drinks and cake and ice cream instead of a whole meal. The kiddos and some of the adults enjoyed painting.


Paint party 2



Googl - E

Day 19: Letters
We just finished six weeks of learning the letters of the Bug's name. She has loved every part of it. I especially love her E filled with googly eyes!


Nice kitty

Day 18: Made you smile today
My sweet little kitty cat running around the house saying "me meow"

made you smile

A taste

Day 17: Fruit
Simple and yummy breakfast. Diabetic friendly pumpkin apple muffins, plain yogurt with almonds and berries.


change is coming

Day 16: Something you wrote
Getting ready to announce a little something to our church community... A change for our coming season.

you wrote

A new way with dinner

Day 15: Dinnertime
Sooo... I failed my glucose tolerance test - barely. Still it means I am considered to have gestational diabetes. So cooking has been interesting - this saucy tomato pot roast over noodles turned out to be pretty darn tasty.


16 October 2012


Day 14: Makes you laugh
Silly bug enjoying a fresh apple cider doughnut and some spooky specs!

makes you laugh

Can you dig it?

Day 13: Landscape
The bug enjoyed an evening adventure at the Portland Children's Museum with Mama, Nana and Grandma. What a treat to be there after hours with less kiddos crowding things. She had so much fun playing!


Autumn wonders...

Day 12: On the table
A lovely breakfast on a crisp morning. Autumn pear mulled cider from the crock pot, and baked oatmeal hot out of the oven... Yum! I love Heidi Swanson's recipe from her book Super Natural Every Day. You can find the recipe here - there are many more delicious recipes so check out the book too!



Day 11: Something close up
My sweet beauty lost in thought...

close up

Part 3...

I'm still here!! Life has been too busy lately for daily posting...

Day 10: Emotion
I reached the 7 month mark, and as I enter into the last trimester of pregnancy I can feel the emotions and fears and worries welling up in me... What is this grand entrance going to look like?? Can't wait to hold my little bear safe in my arms.

7 months

09 October 2012

Red ripe

Day 9: Red
So nice to put away the equivalent of 6 jars of homemade marinara sauce, to see some of our own tomatoes finally turning red after coming off the vine, and to find some creative uses for the handfuls that just want to stay green...



Day 8: Angle
Love watching her intensity as she paints and those cute little feet she rests on...




Day 7: Light
Dida giving the bug a posie on her bike ride. So sweet!


Autumn good morning...

Day 6: I'm thankful for...
The start of a new season. Little signs of Autumn popping up all around me. LOVE this season!

thankful for


Day 5: Shadow
This looks just about how I feel lately... HUGE! Just a few more months to get even bigger - baby is about 2/3 it's final size.


04 October 2012

Stayin' here

Day 4: What you read
The bug is loving this Yoga book - we get lots of great giggle time in while she tries all the different poses. And we are starting to read some books about baby arriving. So far they have been super helpful and have brought about great conversation... That is except for the one I apparently didn't look hard enough at. The one that was about a little girl and her dad and step mom who are about to have a baby. She only visits in the summer so everything was about how things would be when she came back. The bug looked at me with this confused, worried face and started asking a million questions about when she would come back. No little one you aren't going anywhere!!


03 October 2012

Oh baby!

Day 3: This happened today
Ok people - yep - this just happened... I couldn't wait any longer to get out the baby boxes and pull out all the unisex clothes I could find. I'm so ready to decorate their room and fill the dresser with clothes for two! Oh and some lucky little girl is going to get an entire wardrobe if I end up having a little boy!

this happened

Green goodness

Day 2: Lunch
Yummy, simple and totally bug approved! This girl loves pasta with pesto and peas like none other...

lunch yumms


Day 1: Where you stood
In front of wonderful heaps of garden bounty! It's so lovely to have connections to farmers who are looking for homes for their excess... We will have no shortage of sauce around here.