22 December 2012

Oh Tannenbaum...

Day 21: Tree
Bringing our live Charlie Brown tree inside for one more year... I'm amazed we haven't killed it yet!


Rain, rain, rain

Day 20: Weather
Just your typical Oregon Christmas... Would love to see some more flurries of snow around here.



Day 19: Something beginning with 's'
Starting the adventures of natural induction... Acupuncture is just one of the many things I am doing. Sitting in a cozy chair, in a warm room, listening to relaxing music and dozing off. Works for me! Hope  it brings some baby progress too.


Merry and bright

Day 18: Makes you feel merry
Seeing our stockings hanging up makes it feel like Christmas really is around the corner... Next year we'll need four - so fun!


Retelling her tales

Day 17: On the floor sofa
Love to see her snuggling up and reading books. Such a cozy view!

on the...

Stripes for bear

Day 16: Something you made
Happy to finally complete something - even something ever so small - for this little bear. I spent our babymoon weekend knitting this sweet little striped hat...



Day 15: Outdoors
Hubby and I went away on a little babymoon. A quiet cabin in the woods, a warm fire, good food, plenty of games and movies... Such a treat. And the softly falling snow completed it all. Huge, yep that's me - bundled however I can manage at this point. Feet too swollen to wear shoes so I'm rocking the socks and flip flops look! Belly too big to zip up a coat so I'm layering with big cozy sweaters and a warm scarf... It works despite the interesting look.


Green and glowing

Day 14: Something Green
Love this giant glass ornament - even though I never know quite how to display it...



Day 13: Lights
Such a sweet little "Merry Christmas!" that comes from her...


13 December 2012

Knit Knit Knit

Day 12: Hat
I finally realized that I wasn't going to be able to knit a baby banket right now - my hands are too swollen and sore to knit for long. So, I've decided to use my next couple of weeks working on a newborn hat.



Day 11: Sweet
Whipping up a little something sweet for the annual cookie exchange party the bug and I attend. Candy cane oreo truffles via this recipe.


Sneak peek...

Day 10: Under
Love seeing this little smiling face light up!


Dance away

Day 9: Out + about
Taking in some culture at the Kennedy school - watching Irish dancers and listening to an Irish band.

out and about

my love

Day 8: Someone you love
This man who helped me hang up the curtains rods in a couple of rooms. Because I just cannot wait any longer for painting to happen... Yes, we have for months had one curtain, one set of mini blends, and one uncovered window! Driving me nuts - now just to finish making the curtains and get them up.

someone you love

Sweet on you

Day 7: Stars
Baking up something sweet for a few of our neighbors. So hard to bake and not sample, but so worth seeing the bug delight in the doing!



Day 6: From where you live/your country
We've so loved having a nice neighborhood park close by since the bug was born. It really makes all the difference in how comforting a community layout feels... As of late she has thoroughly enjoyed treating her dolls as if they were her siblings. She's SO ready to be a big sister!

from where you live

12 December 2012

Of marionettes and snowflakes

Day 5: Looking up
We enjoyed this amazing free puppet show at our local library the other day. The true story of the snowflake man... What an amazingly creative treat! If you live in the Portland area you should by all means find a spot to see this. Go here to see a list of upcoming shows.

looking up


Day 4: black + white
Enjoying the beautiful storminess of the season mixed with sunshine and breaks in the rain so we can venture to the park...

black and white

Lead me

Day 3: Something you held
I just love holding those little hands more than anything! So sweet...

something you held

02 December 2012


Day 2: Peace
She wasn't really sleeping - just pretending to snuggle her puppy and nap... Even though it was only for a few minutes it felt so wonderfully peaceful! Tucked away from the pouring rain, cozy in our warm house, listening to her fake snoring and quiet giggles.


01 December 2012

Jingle all the way...

Day 1: 8 o'clock
Staying up late for a special night. We spent the evening celebrating my step-dad's birthday at one of our favorite Italian restaurants (we've been going here for family dinners and celebrations since I was 6!) Nonna Emilia's. The bug enjoyed helping the accordion player out with a little jingle bells. So fun to get the family together - just like old times!


30 November 2012

November round-up

Wow - somehow I barely managed to get through this month... Here's a look back at 30 busy days!

November 2012

Ready to start another month tomorrow with Fat Mum Slim! Expect that I might fade away at some point as the month draws to a close and baby possibly enters the picture early, but I'll give it my best shot!



Day 30: On the wall
We're ready for our season of Advent. She's of course very curious to know what is in each bag.

on the wall

As big as a whale...

Day 29: Big
A little late in posting this... I'm actually closer to finishing my 9th month at this point. Love that she always wants to be included in the pictures and loving on the baby - she's still beyond excited to be a big sister. About 5ish more weeks! Feeling huge and uncomfortable and very tired. Pretty ready to meet this little person very soon.



Small ways

Day 28: Vehicle
Finding different small ways to reflect the beauty of Christmas...



Day 27: Tree
More Christmas decorating and finally putting a little pinsperation into action... I love how this turned out.


Taste of the season

Day 26: In the cupboard
Pulling out our last stash of cider and mulling spices - sooo yummy!



Day 25: Sky
We've had a few days of crisp blue sunny skies thrown in with all the rain. The moon had been so clear and bright on these nights - simply lovely...


Memory stitching

Day 24: A sound you heard
Love to see her sewing memories with her grandparents. Seeing them working on clothes for her dolls takes me right back to my childhood sewing with my grandmother...


Star of wonder

Day 23: Black
The bug and I spent our black Friday filling up our home with the light of Christmas. So fun to decorate together while listening to Christmas music...



Giving thanks

Day 22: Grateful
We had such a lovely and fun Thanksgiving! Great food, fun games, silly kids, lots of laughter, and so many things to be thankful for...


Give thanks

Book worm

Day 21: What you she wore
This little bug loves her books :)


Workin' hard

Day 20: Work/Play
We've been having a lot of fun putting a holiday spin on our school time lately. Making work fun for both of us...

work play

19 November 2012

Will travel

Day 19: Something awesome
Being showered with baby love in the form of encouraging words, hand decorated onesies, adorable gifts, and an amazing new double stroller for my kiddos = awesome! The bug was pretty excited about the new wheels as you can tell.

something awesome


Day 18: Happened this weekend
We celebrated my brother's birthday this weekend. He trains horses for a living so we though it would be fun to make him a handprint horse. the bug enjoys any excuse to party and LOVES making cards for everything!

this weekend


Day 17: The last thing you bought
Getting all ready for some Christmas Advent-uring. Love sharing this season with my bug!


It pours...

Day 16: The view from your window
And now we're finally getting our typical Oregon Autumn. Dark, rainy, dreary...



Day 15: In your bag
Do you see it? Do you see what is in there? Or more importantly do you see what's missing? My little bug is potty trained!! No more carrying around pull-ups. No more having to remind her every 15 minutes (super exhausting!!) So proud of her...



Day 14: Man made
J-E-L-L-O play dough. She loves it! Just don't forget to keep it in the fridge like I did with the first batch! She enjoys the process of making it just as much as playing with it.

man made

Sleep wake sleep

Day 13: Where you slept
I seem to be going in spurts of soundly sleeping for a few nights followed by restless discomfort for a few more... On those restless nights I typically end up here - reading or watching a show while sipping some hot tea. Ah the last leg of pregnancy. It really does prepare you for those sleepless nights ahead!


Milk bath

Day 12: Drink
The bug traded in her Halloween candy for  a special hot drink date with mama and papa. We took her to the cute little coffee shop that our friends own so she could enjoy the kids play area and familiar faces.


Cheers, first sips of yummy drinks, and within 10 minutes I somehow succeeded in dumping my entire 16oz. latte on her poor little head! So thankful it wasn't hot hot - just warm and unexpected. She was on the play phone again in no time - hair a little soggy, but spirit unchanged. Such a trooper that girl!


Ground control to Major Tom

Day 11: Night
The hubby and this little rascal sure get up to some funny games while I'm making dinner. This night included helmets and rides in rocket ships as well as sick pilots who needed to snuggle up in bed...



Where in the world has this month gone!! I cannot believe Thanksgiving is in a couple of days - craziness... I am very excited to decorate for Christmas at the end of this week :)

Day 10: Can't {won't} live without
The shenanigans of this silly little bug! Isn't this how everyone tries to find a matching pair of socks...

can't live

09 November 2012

It's the little things...

Day 9: Small
Small wonders to her are when I let her create pillow and blanket parties across the floor of the living and dining room. So fun to watch as she talkes nonsense and makes up silly songs the entire time she is setting up...


Turning up Autumn

Day 8: Something you do every day
Right now that something is soaking up this lovely Autumn weather! So many warmish days with sunshine to kick through the glorious leaves... I used my sunglasses as a last minute filter for this picture since everything looked a little more vibrant and wonderful through them.

every day