29 February 2012

Round up...

Another month down and some fun pics to show for it... Here is the round up from February

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Now i'm ready to start in on March. This month will be full of more remodeling, moving house and lots of pics of the bug I'm sure... Can't wait! I'm linking up with Fat Mum Slim again and her great challenge.


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beautiful music


Day 29: Something you're listening to
An extra day in the year to enjoy some of my favorite music? - yes please! I'm currently loving The Civil Wars album Barton Hollow. So amazing!

28 February 2012

investing in our future...


Day 28: Money
When pigs fly - or more accurately when they are sufficiently weighted down with cash the bug will have a lovely savings built up! She loves to feed her pig

like taking candy from a baby...


Day 27: Something you ate
The hubs and I admit to slight addictions to some of the bug's snacks. Let's just say a box of Cheddar Bunnies or a bag of Pirate Booty don't last long around these parts... Oops!

26 February 2012

late night learning


Day 26: Night
Some late night studying to prepare for my adventures in tiling our bathroom floor tomorrow. Exciting to finally be adding the design elements!

25 February 2012

That's how the light gets in...


Day 25: Green
We spent the afternoon remembering and celebrating the life of our lovely friend... We'll miss your stunning garden and all of its quirky art, your mischievous smile, serving others alongside you, your passion for cooking and the way you saw us and showed us the light of community... We love you Tony.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

24 February 2012

behind the scene


Day 24: Inside your bathroom cabinet
Of course I took a picture of the cleanest of our three cabinets :)

23 February 2012

kick up your heels


Day 23: Shoes
Laying back enjoying the sunshine with my favorite gal!

22 February 2012

is this work?


Day 22: Where you work
It's certainly work to be a mama and raise a small person, but some days the work of taking the time to delight in your child and have a fun lunch/shopping date make it seem like anything but that...

21 February 2012



Day 21:
Looking into the eyes of my man as we said our vows... Love this memory!

20 February 2012

from my hand...

handwriting copy

Day 20:
Not my every day handwriting, but one I use all the time for fun occasions...

piling up


I love to cook and bake and as my hubby would tell you I love to make a major mess in the process, but I loathe cleaning up. With all of the remodeling going on right now at our new place the dishes and laundry are piling up! Ugh...

18 February 2012



Day 18:
My usual is a glass of red wine at the end of the day, but on this night I am cold and sore and ready to snuggle up with some hot ginger tea and a show before bed... mmmm.

dashboards and childhoods


Day 17:
Time seen in...
the passage of a childhood
the changing of seasons
the early hour my mind wakes me from sleep
the days on the calendar speeding by as we push on towards our March 1st move-in date

t  i  m  e . . .  to take a moment 

16 February 2012



Day 16:
Found this fun binder at Target to keep track of the pile of papers and ideas related to our remodel!

15 February 2012



Day 15:
One of the bug's favorite "toys" is this old cell phone that she is constantly having animated conversations on. "Oh hi grandma. You love your message? Hahahaha. I see you Sunday not today! Congratulations! Ok, yeah, bye." Hopefully this is just toddler cuteness and not a sign of the teen years ahead!

14 February 2012

from the heart...


Day 14: Heart
We had a fun little v-day themed photo shoot together the other day. The bug has decided that being asked to smile should result in this silly squinty look which I still think is adorable!

13 February 2012

love that cat


Day:13 Blue
The bug is currently obsessed with The Cat in the Hat or as she calls it... Pat in the Hat.

12 February 2012

Sweet on you

The bug and I decided to make some special treats for the ones we love so we whipped up these shortbread hearts. Sweet buttery goodness with chocolate on top?? Yes please! I love the hint of coconut in the chocolate. If you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joes in your area they have started selling coconut oil again. It is a great price and so yummy to cook and bake with! You can find it at most other stores as well.


Her helping hands are ever so sweet...


Shortbread Hearts with Chocolate Coconut Drizzle
1 1/2 c. butter at room temperature
1 c. sugar
1 t. vanilla extract
3 1/2 c. flour
1/4 t. salt

1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 T. coconut oil
Festive sprinkles

Beat together the butter and sugar until combined. Add the vanilla.
Beat the flour and salt into the butter mixture on low speed until just combined.
Shape the dough into a flat disk, wrap in plastic and chill for 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 350°
Roll the dough out on a floured surface to 1/2-inch thickness.
Cut with a fluted heart shaped cookie cutter or whatever you have handy.
Place hearts on an ungreased cookie sheet and chill in the fridge for 10 minutes before baking.
Bake for about 12-15 minutes until just starting to lightly brown on edges.
Cool the hearts and place them on parchment lined cookie sheets.

In a microwave safe bowl melt together the chocolate and coconut oil for 30 seconds. Stir and melt for another 30 seconds. Stir until smooth. Drizzle the chocolate mixture over the cookies with a fork or whisk.

Drizzle your little heart out...

Sprinkle on something festive...


And have a lovely Valentines Day!

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Day 12:
Our closet is mostly a crowded little mess but it does its job...

If it makes you happy...


Day 11:
a hot shower after a long dirty day remodeling, freshly painted hibiscus happiness on my toes, kickin' the hub's booty at Carcassonne and hitting the pillow for 9 hours!

10 February 2012

10 on 10

I did it! I actually remembered to complete the 10 on 10 challenge today. Something I have been trying to do for a while now. One photo per hour on the 10th day of the month until you have 10 pics. So fun to capture the mundane alongside the treasures...

Only the most wonderful bedhead you've ever seen! EVERY morning :)

Gettin' my purty on...

It's never too early to make cookies! Those chubby fingers in the dough - gets me every time.

Working on our Valentines while the cookies bake. The bug wanted to put wiggly eyes on everything after this. Get some for your loves here at Armommy scroll all the way to the bottom for the diy pdf version. Super cute!

Heading across the river in the rain to leave the bug with grandma and grandpa so we can work on the house.

Meeting the hubby at the new place to get some work done.

Finally finished removing all the lovely pink "marble" contact paper from the kitchen shelves. . . Tedious to say the least!

Sanding and prepping the kitchen drawer fronts for painting.

Headed into Lowe's for plumbing supplies and lighting inspiration.

A sight I have never seen... The hubby shopping at Target. Grabbed some late dinner and headed home  to watch Moneyball.

Knowing me


Day 10:
Getting to know a new version of myself... Covered in dirt, sweat and gear.

09 February 2012

A. door. ed

front door

Day 9:
I missed posting this exciting picture of our sad and neglected front door so here I am posting from the future. Hoping that once we move I can craft a fun spring wreath to make things a little more inviting...

08 February 2012



Day 8:
After an uncharacteristically dry and sunny winter here in Oregon we are finally seeing a few cloudy rain filled days... So no sun to snap a pic of unless you are working next to this beautifully painted gold wall that separates our dining room and kitchen. Can't wait to knock this baby down!!

07 February 2012

cute as a...


Day 7:
A snap really but I couldn't resist the cute corduroy pockets as she searches for kitty cats in the back yard...

06 February 2012

mmm tots


Day 6:
Dinner tonight... Totcho salad. It's a cross between nachos and taco salad but it is made with tater tots instead of chips. May sound strange but it is oh so yummy!!

05 February 2012



Day 5:
10 am on Sunday means one thing for us... Time with our community. Great questions and leadership by our dear friend and elder this morning from ecclesiastes.

04 February 2012

in a strange land


Day 4:
My parents when they were young... This is before I was even a blip on the map. Walking on the beach carrying my brother. I don't remember them as a couple at all...

03 February 2012

the work of our hands


Day 3:
I spent the afternoon tearing out old carpet and demolishing our bathroom. It was a productive day of handy work and so fun to finally get started on the real remodeling!

02 February 2012



Day 2:
Ryan I love you... However this was not my favorite role for you. Movie night with a girlfriend turned so bizarre by this one!

01 February 2012

close to home

The hubby came home with a sweet gift last night...


the key to our first home and a stack of signed papers making it all legal!

And romance is not dead around here - the key was at the bottom of this lovely bucket filled with goodies for me.


So fun!

Tonight marked my first night working on making it home for us. With our kitchen remodel a ways down the road we needed some sort of temporary fix for the floor. Enter an OSB floor with the seams caulked...


It's now covered in a coat of primer and ready for some color in the morning! And yes those cabinets are a lovely shade of PINK. Ew! They're next on my list right after a new bathroom!!

Let the crazy remodeling journey begin.