29 June 2012

Spread the Word!

guess what

Yay!! We're so excited! The three of us got to hear a very strong little heartbeat yesterday and I am finally getting some energy back.

First trimester exhaustion + a toddler that doesn't like to nap or do quiet time = one crazy tired mama!

Baby E's gender will be a surprise at birth - Bug is holding out for a brother AND a sister... We'll see.

I've been trying to capture a photo at the end of each month - something I wish I had done with our bug. She's sooooo excited about baby and wants to be a part of everything which is adorable.



3 months

27 June 2012

Kid cuts


Day 27: Bathroom
A little giggling and haircutting going on in our bathroom today - man this little bug's bangs grow soooo fast!!

Shop till you drop


Day 26: Where you shop
Trader Joe's is our favorite spot! Tiny carts, a yummy free sample, stickers on the way out, super friendly staff, sasquatches hiding out waiting for kiddos to find them and don't forget the super addictive amazing food! Can't be beat...

25 June 2012

Helper buddy


Day 25: Something cute
Papa's helper! This little bug jumps at the chance to help out in any way - so sweet... As she says "I'm a good helper buddy!"

sew time


Day 24: On your mind
I've been longing for quiet time and energy to sew - I think I can make it happen soon... This little corner of our home is waiting for me.

23 June 2012

Keep moving


Day 23: Movement
We spent the day moving non-stop. Jumping out of bed and heading out the door early for a drive to the coast to take a muddy, wet, and beautiful woodland tour through a sustainably managed forest.

My hubby is a builder and a board member for a non-profit called The Build Local Alliance. They do annual forest tours which end up being pretty fun days spent learning and hiking around - oh and eating really yummy food!! This year they added the Iron Builders Challenge. Two teams competed. They each had just under an hour to build something you could sit on out of 4 8' 2x6s using only hand tools. Of course the bug was very excited to get right in and be helpful and our Arteest friend did a lovely freehand drawing of a wood nymphe to complete the chair. Very fun!! Prizes consisted of Oregon strawberries and local wine.

iron builders

22 June 2012

Climbing up


Day 22: From a high angle
Who needs stairs - every kid loves to climb back up the slide even if we tell them not too... I decided not to fight this battle with her!

21 June 2012

The napping house...


Day 21: Where you slept
I enjoyed a sweet little power nap tucked in next to my sweaty snuggly bug, her baby Zoe and a few pillow pets... So thankful for napping days - they are in short supply these days!!

20 June 2012


Day 20: Fave photo you've ever taken
It's a toss up... I thought I should just post the cute one that I love so much... My little bubble blowing bug in her first Christmas photo.


Or I could share the more personal photo that tells a deeper story - truly my favorite... I took this picture with my phone the day my daughter was born. Everyone else was resting after a long night. This picture reminds me of so much. The puffy eyes and lips from crying and feeling overwhelmed at ending up with a c-section after planning a home birth... The pure joy at holding that little sleeping creature who wanted nothing more than to snuggle tightly into me. I will never forget and I will never be able to look at this picture without all of those emotions flooding back in - I'm so glad I captured it!


Imperfection fits


Day 19: Imperfect
Not how I planned to spend my evening, but sometimes getting others on your page is harder than it needs to be. Snuggling up in bed early for some solo reading time with a hot cup of peppermint tea and Chopin and Beethoven serenading me in the background turned out to be a wonderful solution...

19 June 2012

Fudge it...

Oh my goodness! Who would think it would be so hard for me to keep up with posting one photo a day... Welp right now it is and here I am once again catching up with a big ol' post for ya! The pictures weren't necessarily taken on the right dates, but who says I can't fudge a little :) Enjoy

Day 11: Door
This little bug L-O-V-E-S playing in trucks - pushing all the buttons - waving out the windows - pretending to drive. On this particular day she was enjoying Grandpa's old truck...


Day 12: From a low angle
My lovely friends brought me this beauty for my birthday! Can't wait to find a spot for it in the garden... So sweet!

low angle

Day 13: Art
A sweet handmade card from the bug and my hubby - so fun! She loves making cards for every little occasion.


Day 14: Time
It's potty time!! Let the training and cleaning begin...


Day 15: Yellow
Our sweet neighbor Bunny gave the bug this old Radio Flyer wagon. She has been loving touring the neighborhood and has even offered rides. Papa took her up on that. She worked so hard to move him the smallest distance - such a strong girl!


Day 16: Out and about
A little traditional Father's day hiking going on. These two are the silliest kids around!

out and about

Day 17: In your bag
So many wonderful birthday gifts from friends and family!! My mama treated me to a new Kindle Fire - Loving it!


Day 18: Something we don't know about you Adventuring
We spent my birthday at the zoo wandering around - so fun!


10 June 2012

Coffee fairy delivers!

best bit

Day 10: Best bit of your weekend
We ended up having an impromptu overnight guest after our friend got locked out of his house. His wife was away all night with the keys so we took him in and gave him a place to sleep and shared a nice breakfast with him this morning... Not a hardship at all - he and his family are our dear friends and we were happy to help. Shortly after he left he reappeared on my doorstep as the self titled coffee fairy and brought me this yummy morning treat! So thankful for our community of wonderful friends!

09 June 2012

Home again...


Day 9: Your view today
I'm always so thankful for time to date my hubby, take long afternoon naps and get things done while the bug stays with grandma and grandpa and gets loved on and spoiled!

Even more than that I am filled with joy at seeing her home again, curling up in her bed with her and listening to her sweet voice say "I missed you too mama and I love you so much in the whole wide world!" as she snuggles in tighter and falls asleep in my arms...

08 June 2012

It's a date!


Day 8: 6pm
Kicking off date night with my favorite guy and a little homemade dinner, then off to the movies...

07 June 2012

Floating away...


Day 7: Drink
A little sweet treat at the end of the day never hurt anyone...

06 June 2012

hat trick


Day 6: Hat
Oh the cuteness... Lovin on her baby Zoe and wearing her favorite hat!

The road ahead


Day 5: Sign
Been experiencing a few of these lately...

04 June 2012

June already!

Time seems to be flying by! I'm ready for some lazy summer sunshine...

Day 1: Morning
A little morning stroll through the neighborhood with my little monkey is always fun...

Day 2: Empty Helper
Ever the helpful little bug - she got really into scrubbing papa's truck with a toothbrush. And what better car washing attire than your underoos! The cuteness cannot be contained!

Day 3: On your plate
A nice German breakfast tradition in our family! So yum!

Day 4: Close-up
A special moment captured...
close up

Round 'em up...

I finally finished posting my pics for May - here is the round up.


Already started in on June. I'm following along with Fat Mum Slim once again and I'm ready to catch up on my blog posts!!

Finishing May

Day 29: A number
I'm entering into a season of threes... Getting ready to turn 33 in a few days, looking forward to the bug's 3rd birthday in October and looking forward to a certain 3rd day in a certain month that lies ahead...

Day 30: Your personality
Quiet, goofy, a little cautious...

Day 31: Something Beautiful
My mother in-laws garden is overflowing with the most amazing display of peonies - one of my favorites!
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