04 July 2012

June is over??

Time is flying by... Yikes! So much to get done in the next 6 months it makes my head spin to think about it all! Anyway - here's one final June catch up...

Day 28: On the shelf
My sweet friend gave me this yummy gift for my birthday along with these cute bowls - and she told me I don't have to share. And then my midwife told me she wants me to really limit my sweets... So, for now I will dream of that amazing hot fudge sundae that I hope to have small doses of :)

Day 29: Soft
This little bug is taking dance classes and learning about rhythm and tempo - dancing soft on her tippy toes - the cutest! Facing the opposite direction as the rest of the class? Just like her mama she goes her own way.

Day 30: A friend
She loves reading to her baby Zoe - they are the best of friends!
a friend

June round-up is here - woot woot!
June Collage

And now on to July - following along once again with Fat Mum Slim

July photo-a-day