07 March 2012

Catch up...

Life has been cRazy and I haven't had much time to get my pictures on here so today will be about getting back on track.

Day 2: Fruit
Red grapes are our fave around here.

Day 3: Your Neighbourhood
A little peek at our new neighborhood. So far we are enjoying the quiet street and friendly neighbors.

Day 4: Bedside
A landing spot for empty milk cups, baby dolls and whatever mama and bug are currently reading...

Day 5: A smile
A sweet treat to see these smiling faces in my front yard all the way from Colorado. Best hour of our day!

Day 6: 5pm
Things are looking up at the new house! Miles of tile = a tired and sore me, but I love how it is coming together.

Day 7: Something you wore
Grungy clothes, some paint, and lots of thinset...

Lots of progress going on at the house - updates coming soon!


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