16 March 2012

catch up, the sequel...

What's a girl to do without a smarty phone or internet at home?? After 3.5 hours of work from Comcast we are once again ready to surf and I'm hoping that's the last big blogging interrupt for quite a while!

So let's catch up!

Day 12: Fork

Meals have been a rainy glamping (glamourous camping) adventure around here. Our first few days in the new house we were without a stove - relying on crock pots and hibachis to get something warm in our tummies. So nice to be back in action with this retro Craigslist score!

Day 13: A sign
a sign

a sign 2

Signs of the coming Spring... I love seeing everything burst with color so much, I took two pics! This first beauty is in our new yard and the second pic could be on almost any street corner around town which is just magical!

Day 14: Clouds

Dark and ominous. It's been raining like crazy around here...

Day 15: Car

Subaru - it seems to be the Oregon way...

Day 16: Sunglasses

The bug and I found ourselves out and about during a rare dry/sunny moment today as we stopped into a crazy little local video store called Movie Madness to pick up a classic John Wayne flick. We're set for a fun St. Patty's evening tomorrow with corned beef and cabbage, boiled potatoes and The Quiet Man.


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